Labelling & other

Labelling set for Box-systainer T-Loc I

Consisting of 5 perforated DIN A4 sheets
(3 x DIN A4-sheets with 5 inscription cards for red, yellow, orange boxes and 2 x DIN A4 sheets with 2 inscription cards for blue and green boxes)

art no. 80500042
Labelling set for systainer T-Loc I - V

Consisting of 20 transparent plug-in cards and 2 labelling sheets with 10 paper cards each

art no. 80500043
Print, labels or plug-in cards print on demand
Labelling set for drawer-systainer I - V

10 label-holders and 5 label sheets

art no. 80500098
Systainer T-Loc safety set for systainer T-Loc I - V

Consisting of lockable T-Loc catch, metal barrier, protective washer, circlip and 2 keys

light grey: art no. 80101201
anthracite: art no. 80101202
Systainer Classis Line safety set for MAXI-systainer II + III

Consisting 2 lockable catches and 2 keys

anthracite: art no. 80000414